Review: Anime Cafe Podcast

New challenger Brian Benjamin aka XBen3000 is taking the Broken Infinite stage today. I’m coming at you with a review of the “Anime Cafe Podcast” which you can find here. ¬†How I stumbled upon this podcast was through Mango Sirene tweeting about it and I went from there. I started with episode 14 and worked my way through the backlog and I can proudly say the podcast has come into it’s own. The earlier episodes, you can tell they were still getting into the grove of things but the later episodes they have now are top notch material.

We have Mantwon Antwon and Mango Sirene as your host. The duo talk about anime news, cosplay news, and usually review an anime series each episode. Sometimes they have a guest star where they also join in on the conversation. Also if Mantwon or Mango Sirene were at a convention. They would usually do a quick review about the things they did there among other topics. I have to say that this podcast keeps me up to date as to what’s going down in the anime community. You really get a sense that Mantwon and Mango are huge fans of anime and it comes through during their conversations. I love it when you can hear how passionate a person is about a subject and each time I listen to an episode. I can proudly say I feel their passion for this genre.

Overall, I highly recommend checking this out when you get a chance. Especially if you want to keep up to date as to what’s going down in the anime community or if you want a new podcast to listen too. I believe Mantwon Antwon and Mango Sirene are going to Katsucon next year, so wish me luck Nation as I get these Senpai’s to notice me. Until the next review, I’M PRIME OUT!!!!