Jack Hammer: Usurper # 2 Review

Written by Brandon Barrows
Art by Ionic
Action Lab Entertainment



What Happened: Jack wakes up after the events of last issue to come face to face with the person who made Ramona shoot him.


Big Moment: The ending was powerful.



This issue was fairly solid. The dialogue was good. The character interactions were entertaining. We see Jack showing a lot of concern for Ramona, which is great in terms of character development. A lot of what was done this issue helped with the impact of the end.  This issue was pretty packed. Seeing Jack vulnerable as we was definitely helped the story along.
Yet, the big misplay is that Barrows had to cram a lot within this one issue. While the pacing of it was okay for the majority of the story, the impact is lessened by how quickly the end came during Jack’s confrontation with Ramona’s assailant. Honestly, Barrows seemingly did the best he could with the two issues , but a few more pages would have certainly helped with the story here. The emotional impact was there, but the final confrontation could have used more build up and tension to really make a powerful point. Yet, Barrows does the best he can with the page count he has.

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Ionic  does okay this issue. Yet, I will point out that he definitely has a couple of missteps this issue. Normally, for any kind of character from a distance, there would be some slight detail on the face and that would work. Yet, there are several instances that any person from some distance barely got any face detail when some would have been fine. It definitely feel as if some of these panels looked rushed.
Yet, Ionic does not drop the ball completely as he does a great job giving his normal detail and expression as he drawn Jack throughout the rest of the issue. There is some great tension that was displayed and Ionic holds on with good backgrounds and good action. Not Ionic’s best work, but not terrible.


Final Verdict:

Honestly, this issue had a lot of potential but it fell a little flat. While the story definitely seemed to hold emotional impact, it was too rushed … in story that is … that it was lessed. The art was average, with some missteps, yet still all right. The ending was good, just not great. With a few more pages and a bit more detail in art and story, this issue would have been spectacular. Yet, Barrow and Ionic still do a solid job putting this story to a close.  I give Jack Hammer: Usurper #2 a 3 … out of 5.