Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #2 Review

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #2

Written by Peter Milligan

Art by Cary Nord & Brian Reber


Valiant Comics


I don’t think I would want to have the Eternal Warrior as my father. Not even sure if I would want him as my uncle I only see at family reunions. If anything, Days of Steel 2 proves that Gilad is at least smart enough to not have a baby around when he is busy cutting peoples’ heads off.

We come back from our cliffhanger which gets neatly wrapped up, well as neat as a stab through the throat can be throat can be. A character gets redeemed, if only for a bit, and we then see Gilad get into a new dilemma. Turns out the Geomancer never got the memo that the Baby of Destiny was also a twin. Gilad now is forced to choose which of the two babies he will have to take so it will become the savior of the Franks. I want to point out that this couple is completely cool with giving this stranger one of their babies. Either way, both babies have the Birthmark of Destiny and the one that has the most pronounced mark happens to be weakest of the two. I think you might see where this is going. The rest of issues shows the two boys Falk, the one Gilad choose to protect, and Franz growing up into the men that they are destined to be. Unfortunately, mistakes were made and now one of those boy’s head is on the chopping block and Gilad is holding the ax.

Faith continues to be a major part of this story. In this issue, it is not so much about faith in the Geomancer as much as it is faith in the boy Gilad chose. He wants to believe that Falk will be the man that will save his people. For twenty years, Gilad watches Falk at a distance. All while participating in conflicts that the Franks are in. He keeps tells himself that this kid will amount to something. He will be great. But just like the Geomancer, time starts taking a toll on his beliefs. He starts to waver. He starts to think that chose the wrong boy. In the meantime, you see the other child, Franz, starts to become really good with a knife.

This issue is not really good at hiding what is going to happen next. Not that it isn’t doing a good job at adding some small twists to an otherwise predictable story. I’ve seen stories go down this road before. Then again, things can go south fast given the impulsiveness of the Eternal Warrior at the end of the issue. Gilad was very quick to want to kill Falk after the Geomancer told him he picked the wrong kid, albeit in a dream. It really puts into question why this guy ever put his faith in these people. Clearly, they are not infallible. This bird just comes back with a “Yo, my bad. Wrong baby. Anyway, go fix it. Kthankbai.”

Overall, this issue was decent middle to this three issue mini-series. Given that most of this issue is just set up for what is to come, it did its job by making you want to know how this ends. I give this issue 3 harmless minstrels out of 5.