Straight Forward Reviews : Shinobi Ninja Princess # 4

Shianndrea returns and she brings some friends with her, and that is probably a huge understatement.

Shinobi_NP_04-coverWriter – Martheus Wade

Artist – Martheus Wade

Publisher – Action Lab Comics

Review by Jeremias de Leon


A big threat emerges for the shinobi that Shianndrea are with as a whole and especially for Shianndrea herself. Even though there is plenty of action this issue it feels as if this issue was more about character development and it works. With the upcoming storyline it feels right to have groundwork laid out now so the readers can understand what’s at stake.

The dialog is a bit predictable for people who have been reading comics for a long time but for the younger target audience it should be enjoyable.


The art was never bad in this series but in this issue it takes a bit of a leap forward. Specifically this improvement comes in the characters, their designs really seem to pop and stand out and they leave an impression. Shinobi_NP_04-4


This issue was quite enjoyable with the character development of Shianndrea and the peer into the personalities of some of the other characters it feels more substantial. On top of that the action was pretty great with some acrobatic ninja skills being shown off by most of the characters and made it quite a spectacle. I give Shinobi Ninja Princess # 4 a 4 out of 5.