I.C.E.: Critical Mass #1 Review


Written by Doug Wagner
Art by Daniel Hillyard & Charlie Kirchoff
12-Gauge Comics

ICE_CriticalMass1_CvrB-1 ICE_CriticalMass1_CvrA-1
What Happened: Former Phoenix officer Cole Matai joins Great Falls I.C.E. as their newest agent.  As some human trafficking is found out on his first day, Cole shows that he’s not going to tolerate crap from traffickers.


Big Moment: Cole going from calm and collected to shooting stuff up in less than a second.



Hillyard does well here. There are some good detail in his panel work, with backgrounds being realized and people looking distinct.  While the backgrounds are not overly complicated, there’s enough to get a sense of the areas our characters go. Characters a good, with great and different proportions.  The action presents itself  well and Hillyard does not pull any punches during the action sequences. And while there was a good detail, Hillyard’s style is definitely still evolving from the look of it. Kirchoff does a great job with the panel work, giving the right tones to set the mood and express the emotion of the scene.



Wagner starts racing from out the gate as we get into some action and intrigue. We get a likable, kick ass protagonist in Cole. He definitely seems like a man who wants to do the right thing and help people but he will take no crap from anyone. Wagner also makes sure there is mystery around him.

Wagner  does a great job with making sure each line of dialogue advance the characters, add to the plot or both. Wagner balances action and thrills with drama and intrigue well as we get a solid start to this series.


Final Verdict:

We get a solid start to this miniseries with a solid plot, strong characters and good art. While I still think there can be improvements, Hillyard, Kirchoff and Wagner give us a good start. I give I.C.E.: Critical Mass # 1 a 4 out of 5.