Toe Tag Riot #1 Review

Written by Matt Miner
Art by Sean Gorman
Black Mask Studios

Toe Tag Riot 01 cover


What happened: We meet the punk band, Toe Tag Riot. As readers see them come together in the past and see them in 2004 (which is the present in the comic) as when the band performs in the present … they turn into Zombies … actual Zombies. Oh boy.

Big Moment: Seeing Annie throw herself at Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley … for a different reason than most fans.


Many fans might not like the art, but it fits the tone of the story easily enough. Gorman’s style is very rough, yet animated. I would say it looks like a rougher version of the style used in the old Beavis and Butthead cartoons. Yet, there is a dark charm about it that fits the story. The panel work is solid. The coloring is pretty bleek … using water colored look to add a muddy, darker texture to the book. The detail is not top of the list but it does give enough to tell different kinds of people and places. And while it isn’t what most comic book readers are used to, it definitely does a good job adding to the darker atmosphere of the book with good perspectives and a grosser feel. Yet, the thing that feels off is the proportions some of the time but it isn’t a major issue.

Toe Tag Riot 02


Miner presents us with a solid first issue.  He makes it easy for us to get to know who the characters are. Characterizations are on point as we get a feel for the personalities of three of our four main characters. The story is well constructed, as we are given the band in the present and  how they came together. The feel of how the band got together is authentic for the punk genre and a great way to move the issue along  while introducing us to the whole group.

Miner does an excellent job with dialogue with quips, band jargon and charm in nearly every line. Miner does not waste any words and the pace of the issue is perfect. A wonderful job by Miner.

Final Verdict:

While the art is good, it isn’t for everyone. It definitely does the job for what it needs to do. The story is established well and we get to meet all the characters. Evie is the only character not fleshed out but then, there is definitely a mystery to her. Otherwise, it is a pretty good first issue. I give Toe Tag Riot # 1 a 3.5 out of 5.