Rai # 5 Review

RAI #5

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Clayton Crain
Lettering by Dave Lanphear
Valiant Comics


What Happened: Rai works with Spylocke, Dr. Silk and more to take down Father. Yet, Rai is struggling to keep his thoughts from Father. Meanwhile, Momo is deciding that humanity isn’t worth it while Lula gets her own Positron.


Big Moment: Momo recruiting.



Kindt continues to amaze and develop more and more this issue. Rai definitely gotten deeper characterization this issue as he struggles with his loyalty, Father and what he feels is right. This bold characterization humanizes Rai even more and allows the conflict to have more of an emotional punch. Kindt fires on all cylinders this issue as the stakes grow higher and higher. With Positrons and Humans possibly having a larger conflict, Kindt presents a grand stage that is to come with the title of the storyline.

Meanwhile, we get great development with Lula, Momo and Spylocke as well. Kindt paces the issue well as Momo definitely holds a greater purpose as her role this issue was definitely a surprise. The reveal of what happened to Rai’s mother only deepened the conflict that is to come. Kindt proves his masterly of sci-fi and innovative characterization.



Crain is just an artistic god. Every page is full of powerful detail, great emotion and kinetic action. From start to finish, every panel was drawn with care. Rai’s pain struggle is rendered beautifully by Crain. The world of New Japan is vast, varied and awesome. The colors were spectacular. Crain’s art is so beautiful and detailed that you are gripped by every single panel.

Lula and Momo both look strong and beautiful. The action exploded of the page with a kinetic charm.  The detailed backgrounds only made the world of New Japan feel more immersive. The colors on Crain’s work are so vibrant that you will be enthralled by every single panel.  Crain is giving the best work of his career this issue.


Final Verdict:
This. Book. Is. Amazing. The art is superb. The writing is excellent. Rai comes back strong as we get ready for what may be war! I give Rai # 5 an awesome 5 … out of 5!