Editorial: My Thoughts on Star Wars Rebels & the upcoming Disney Era.

Jeff Williams/ @16bitjeff

With the recent release of the teaser for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I felt it was right to talk about a current TV series that debut recently called Star Wars Rebels.  It debuted on Disney XD in October and it is the follow up to the beloved 2008 CGI Series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

With SW: Rebels, it consists of the same writing team from the aforementioned predecessor that aired on Cartoon Network, however there are two new additions to the staff. These new writers are Kevin Hoops and Greg Weisman. Both Weisman and Hoops have worked as a duo on previous animated shows such as Spectacular Spider-Man & Young Justice. This is somewhat is a full circle moment for Mr. Weisman since this is the first Series he’s worked on for a Disney related channel since the cancelation of Gargoyles back in 1997.

With the recently aired mid-season finale and the show on hiatus until early January, in my opinion this show has not only have had a better start unlike it’s predecessor but a better show then Clone Wars (’08) again so far.

From the characters background to their interactions/development with one another, this is really hitting on the head hard that this Series was heavily influenced with the original trilogy in mind, even through chronologically it takes place 15 years after Revenge of the Sith but 5 years before A New Hope. I especially love the fact that it’s basically a family-friendlier version of Firefly. While a lot of the fans of this property were pissed that the EU (Extended Universe) was going to be expunged from Canon and be placed in it’s own group now labeled “Legacy”, with it transferring from owners I honestly thought it was a wise move.

While there has been a lot of good with the EU (Knights of the Old Republic series, Jedi Knight, Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars Legacy) there has been a lot of baggage with the universe (this). Also, I have faith that Disney will handle the franchise with better care then it’s own creator, George Lucas. While Disney is a cooperation, when they buy something they see the value in what they purchase. Basically, I think the Disney era for Star Wars will be a calmer and streamlined one unlike the convoluted mess that was the Lucas era post-RotJ.