Crimson Society # 2 Review

Written by Mike Hunau

Art by Carlos Trigo & Andrea Celestini
Lettering by Deron Bennet
Action Lab Entertainment

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What Happened:  We met a vampire named Beau that has been considered a traitor. Yet, after Jack saves him, Jack and his wife struggle with his werewolf-ism. Yet, as Jack and Beau discuss Jack’s new condition.
Big Moment: THE ENDING.


Huanu steps up the story by adding more depth into the world of Crimson Society. That fact that there are traitors amongst vampires make things more and more interesting. The addition of Beau lets Trigo stretch out the mood for and adds larger states to this tale. Huanu’s frightening opening grips readers while also adds more depth of the world.

Hunau does a wonderful job building Jack’s supporting cast and stronger characterizations. The narration this issue was used well, not too much or too little. The story moves quickly and splits the issue between Beau and Jack evenly. The plot and issue moves at a decent place. The dialogue is authentic.

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Trigo and Celestini do a great job this issue. The panel work is done well, allowing Celestini’s darker shadows and coloring captures the more gruesome scenes of the book. Trigo gives enough detail to give everyone a distinct look. The simple style echos a little bit of Paul Dini and anime influences, yet still very much a part of its own.

The grotesque open was captured perfectly by Trigo’s dynamic pencils and Celestini’s colors. The emotion of the characters was definitely displayed well, from the fear of Jack’s Wife to the happier moments between Jack and his wife to Beau’s gratitude. A solid job.


Final Verdict:

We got some solid world building this issue as well as good art to bring out the horror and sci-fi elements of the story. We got good story progression and world building that makes the story enjoyable.

I give Crimson Society # 2 a 4 out of 5.