Critical Hit # 3 Review

Written by Matt Miner
Art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Doug Garbark &  JeckC

Lettering by Jim Campbell
Black Mask Studio

What happened:  Jeanette is still working on surviving a very beaten, blooded Sarah while they are still captured; locked inside what seems to be some trailer. We get a bit more information as to why these women are the way they are.


Big Moment:  Sarah confronting her husband.



Miner masterfully lets us within the heads of Sarah and Jeanette. Our two do-goers have a wonderful chemistry with deep seeded, very human motivations. The tragic pasts of both Sarah and Jeanette definitely make readers feel more invested in them and the story. The characterizations this issue are amazing. Sarah and Jeanette are definitely flawable characters. Their journeys feel authentic. Every emotional beat was hit with such impact that it deepens the storyline and allows builds more tension to the issue as it reaches a heart gripping cliffhanger.

The dialogue is flows so easily and feels believable. And the pacing was just perfect. This issue just get more and more engrossing.

Critical Hit 3 capture


Sawyer, Garback and Jeck C give us a spectacularly well done issue.  There is some wonderful color and shading work that help bring out the best of Sawyer’s pencils and inks. Sawyer does a great job bring out a lot of expression, action and different kinds of people. The panels with Sarah’s face after  being beaten to hell were very powerful.

The darker panels capture the ugliness of Sarah and Jeanette’s situation. I applaud the art team for a really great issue.


Final Verdict:

Critical Hit is just that! A hit. The art is awesome! The writing is superb. And this issue just continues to build upon our main characters and builds up to a frightening confrontation that will take place next issue. The art team was on top of their game and Miner gives us an amazing issue that has a very continuous pace.

Critical Hit # 3 gets a 4.5 out of 5.