Southern Dog # 3 Review


Written of Jeremy Holt
Art by Alex Diotto & Adam Metcalfe
Lettering by Adam Wollet
Action Lab: Danger Zone

unnamed (23)

What happened:  Jasper continues to struggle between his racist side of his family and the side of himself that excepts everyone.


Big Moment: It’s a tie between the Mayor of Fort Payne and the last panel.



Diotto and Metcalfe continue to bring us great visuals within this world. While the style is simplistic, Diotto conveys emotion very well. While this issue didn’t have much fighting, Diotto captures every emotional beat with near perfection.  Metcalfe really brings out Diotto’s style well with strong color and shading to give the art more depth. Diotto does an amazing job being able to make readers not sure what is more horrifying … Jasper as a werewolf … or Jasper’s father or brother … or …

Backgrounds are ok. They aren’t very detailed but Diotto does a good job bringing the world to life. The final pages were quite haunting with the colors and facial expressions. Particularly, the anime like color shot of Jasper on the final panel itself. Some good stuff.

Southern_Dog_3 PROOF-6


Holt allows to use this issue for character development and driving the main plot along. Holt builds upon the racial tensions as we see people in Jasper’s life take sides. All these people are presented extremely well, allowing more anxiety to build up within Jasper’s family and the town of Fort Payne itself.

The dialogue was natural and Holt continues to hit emotional points with ease. Readers certainly feel for Jasper. There is more development for Jasper’s mom, Jimmy, teacher … and particularly … the Mayor. Holt’s presentation of the Mayor was done with ease. The charisma of the Mayor was on full display here and I applaud Holt because I was almost convinced he was actually going to be a good guy … and I was so wrong!

Holt continues to prove that he is mastering writing as the pacing and story are so gripping that the last panel just makes me scream for the next issue. Seriously, I stood up from my chair and yelled after reading that last panel. That is the power of a very powerful, relatable story.


Final Verdict:

The art is good. The story is amazing. We are building up to the end of this ride and I am honestly scared. Things are going to get worse before they get better … at least that is how I feel  thanks to the set up by Holt. This series continues to be amazing, raw and in your face. Yet, this issue is kind of that point where you know the end is nigh.

I give Southern Dog # 3 a 4 out of 5.