Graveyard Shift # 1 Advanced Review

Written by Jay Faerber
Art by Fran Bueno
Lettering by Ed Dukeshire
Image Comics

What happened: When Liam goes with his police squad to take down a perp named Tobias Strickland. Yet, after an odd shakedown by the police squad ends up with a dead perp, Liam goes home thinking everything is done. Yet … it was only …the beginning ….


Big Moment: All I can say . . . the final 3 pages. Just … THE FINAL 3 PAGES!

Graveyard Shift 04


Faerber gives us a dark, thrilling first issue.  Faerber opened with some very great tension, action and intrigue with the police looking to arrest Tobias and the book does not let go. The slower moments between Liam and Hope establishes a very loving relationship while giving strong characterizations between characters. Faerber brings us a strong lead with Liam; allowing readers to get a multi-faceted look at him throughout the entire issue.

The issue constructs a world where it feels very much like the modern world of today … with sprinkles of vampires. And Faerber makes sure to pace the entire issue in this thrilling rollercoaster that will make you scream at the end of the book. The dialogue is very authentic and real. The relationship between Liam and Hope brings out smart, characterization that is relatable and these are actual people and not some hyper-idealized version of a relationship.


Graveyard Shift 06


Bueno renders a beautiful, haunting first issue. Bueno’s strong pencils and inks really give a great amount of detail to help immerse readers into the world and characters of the book. Everyone looks very distinct. The attention to detail is wonderful with full backgrounds, great nuances of movement, brilliant action and superb emotion captured within the panels of this issue.

The shading and color of the issue present a wonderful representation of the moods and themes of the scenes and story. I love that the scene with Hope and Liam in the apartment is done amazingly well and powerful with the candles all over the apartment. Those seems capture both the romantic mood and the horror that occurs within those moments are so gripping. Bueno nails it perfectly with the right shading, color and detail in the panel work.


Final Verdict:

Graveyard Shift #1 makes a powerful impact right off the back. With a good mix of suspense, action, mystery and horror, this opening issue showcases Faerber’s love of writing and skill in bringing a gripping story that blends multiple genres flawlessly. Bueno’s art paints Faerber’s world perfectly, making all those genres swirl seamlessly while allowing readers to feel the emotions and actions that the story demands. This was an amazing first issue and I am looking forward to more! I was going to say “dying” but I am honestly nervous of incurring some kind of wraith cause of this opening issue. AND THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES.

Graveyard Shift # 1 gets a perfect 5 out of 5!