Straight Forward Reviews : Valiant sized Quantum and Woody # 1

With the holidays coming up Valiant has decided to give people an extra sized issue as a present.

QW_VALIANT-SIZED_001_COVER_ZDARSKYWriter – Tim Siedell, James Asmus

Artist – Pere Perez, Brian Level

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Without major spoilers the story is about an extinction level asteroid that’s coming to earth and Quantum and Woody are chosen to stop it. There’s some parallel world action and some actually heart warming moments that all come together for some nice stories that end up with a final story that sets up future conflict for the brothers.

Each story has a unique but connected narrative that were highly entertaining and for the middle story even a bit heartwarming. The third story even lets you see why one certain character is angry at the brothers and makes him seem sympathetic.


The art in each story is on point and looks quite pleasing to the eye. Both Pere Perez and Brian Level do great with each action and dramatic poses and explosions. Which make this comic quite hard to put down if you’re a fan of action. VSQW_001_004


With the writing in this long issue switching it seems like it might have been a problem in the flow of the comic it isn’t. The second story switches in style but instead of being off putting it just feels like an epilog to the previous story. The first and third stories are written in a more normal style but are quite enthralling with some of it’s weirdness and big stakes action. As always the comedy is present and at the very least will get a hearty chuckle out of you. With all these elements put together it comes off as a very entertaining and hard to put down comic. I give Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody # 1 a 5 out of 5.