Straight Forward Reviews : Delinquents # 4

We’re in the fourth and final issue for Archer and Armstrong’s and Quantum and Woody’s team up The Delinquents. Is it worth picking up?

DELINQ_004_COVER_RIVERAWriter – James Asmus (story James Asmus and Fred Van Lente)

Artist – Kano

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The final issue in this miniseries sees the four men going to the place they had the legendary map to and finding some nasty surprises.

Spoiler free version of the story is that there is a showdown at the location they’ve been searching for with the maps and a few surprise twists that feel out of nowhere and not really one that feels like it has any impact except for being a surprise. They have a battle and you get an epilog that seems to leave a door open to a future sequel.

The writing is actually quite funny and there’s some pretty interesting things that happen throughout the comic like stickers that you can use to create your own final battle. Which was pretty clever and interesting.

The characters however didn’t really feel like they really got attached to each other or even that they have a strong dislike of each other. They did have good interactions but the epilog made it seem like they just said “well, that was weird alright let’s move on”.


The art in this book is really well done. The panel layout as well, just like the previous issues it feels like a storyboard to a movie this way and it gives the comic a unique charm. unnamed (9)


The comic has some funny dialog and some interesting and clever ideas but at the end of the day it wasn’t as compelling as I’d hoped it would be. It wasn’t really compelling enough to really care about the end of the miniseries. It also seemed to degrade Archer’s character a little too much. Though it was understandable that Archer would want to broaden his horizons it doesn’t make sense to have him look into being completely different than he was. He even mentioned how he wants to go into debauchery. Which goes against what made his character funny the fact that he barely swore and humorously refraining from doing certain things.

With the humor and the art this series was far from a flop but with the characterizations it felt like it was shy of a home run. I give Delinquents # 4 a 3 out of 5.