Straight Forward Reviews : Shinobi Ninja Princess # 3

unnamed (25)We are back with another Straight Forward Review for Action Lab’s Shinobi Ninja Princess.

Writer – Martheus Wade

Artist – Martheus Wade

Publisher – Action Lab Comics

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Put simply the story for this issue is back history and some character development. The readers are treated to a narrative about the main characters ancestor in what seems to be related to the greater plot and at least the next issue.

The writing seemed to be quite tight and was well paced. There might be too much use of some old writing tropes for some readers but concerning the target audience it is actually well done.


The flashback sequences which is done in a different style is pretty cool. It’s like a watercolor painting style and considering the time the story takes place in and how art was like in Japan at the time it works really well. Shinobi_NP_03-8


This issue is a good buildup to the next issue, laying down the groundwork for the next issue and gives a nice stylized look at the past which fleshes out the characters and the story. For the art and the brisk pacing I can recommend it. I give Shinobi Ninja Princess # 3 a out of 5