Ehmm Theory: Everything and Small Doses # 2 Review


Written by Brockton McKinney
Art by Larkin Ford, Dave Dwonch & Aimee Hanchey
Letters by Larkin Ford
Action Lab: Danger Zone


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What Happened:  Aaron gives his son, Gabe (the one we followed since issue one) more backstory behind how he originally got back to Earth with his mother. Meanwhile, Mindwolf, Emp, Violent Gabe (as I am calling him) and Dr. Whiskers are getting into why Mr. Everything is trying to kill them. As more dimension hopping occurs, Mr. Everything closes in on our “heroes.”  Also, Gabe gets a BIG family revelation.


Big Moment: Geez … if I had to choose, it would be Gabe’s reaction to his other family member.


McKinney hits the ball right out of the park again this issue. While this issue is slows the pace a little, it adds so much more to this awesome world … universe … multiverse. McKinney hits us with witty dialogue, awesome character development for the Gabes, the Whiskers, Mindwolf and Aaron; and some very great set up for our main protagonist, Mr. Everything.

Mr. Everything is a great example of show, not tell and it is so horrifyingly done. The story adds more depth into this funky, sci-fi, action adventure that it really makes all the characters stand out more and moves along the main plotline for this arc. The fact that there are some very strong differences between the two Gabes and two Whiskers and they are so identifiable by just their personalities is a testament to McKinney’s mastery of writing.The dialogue is hip, having both science meet Clerk’s like pathos. Bravo, McKinney.


Ehmm_Theory_V2_2 PROOF-7

Ford continues to present to us his unique art that continues to make the book have a distinct look and feel. We have snow. We have Yetis. We have super futuristic tanks. We have woods. We have snow. Ford, Dwonch and Hanchey go all out this issue to give us all sorts of locals, beings, weapons and more. The cartoony style Ford has would make some think that he could not pull off such artistic feels while also pulling off expression. Hanchey continues to do an outstanding job giving color to Ford and Dwonch’s work. Dwonch’s inking is so smooth, there looks as it there is no difference between Ford inking or him.

The amount of expression is great and the art team just really goes insane with the different backgrounds and beings. A spectacular job.
Final Verdict:

This book continues to be one of comics greatest sci fi gems. We have well developed characters will distinct looks and personalities. The storylines build upon each other logically with emotional and physical impact. Add fun dialogue on top of the gripping story. Ehmm Theory continues to dazzle, entertain and just be fucking awesome. I give Ehmm Theory: Everything and Small Doses # 2 … A 5 out of 5!! Read it now!