Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #35 Review

You are our eyes….


Writer: James Roberts
Art by: Alex Milne
Colors by: Joana Lafuente
Editor: John Barber

As with any new issue of More Than Meets the Eye, I always expect to be surprised from start to finish. This new issue does not disappoint. James Roberts should win a medal or something for how well he establishes mystery and makes fans of this comic constantly try to guess what the solution is to a situation or what will even happen next, only to blow the reader away with something no one would imagine. It’s a bit difficult trying to write a review for this issue however, which I will go into detail later. I will warn you, there are some minor spoilers ahead so you have been warned!

So what really goes on in this issue? Honestly, I don’t want to give too much away, it would be a disservice to James Roberts to have a chump like me explain what’s going on. Basically, Brainstorm has essentially jumped into the past to “fix” the war so that the Decepticons are the victor, causing the timeline that Brainstorm has created to now merge with the current timeline with a horrifyingly oppressive Cybertronian society.


Horrifying is a good word to describe this issue. While it doesn’t touch anywhere near the terror that is the Decepticon Justice Division’s killing spree from a few issues ago, it’s the revelation and symbolic, yet simple, imagery that is what makes this issue really impressive. Even the written sound effects have meaning. The phrase “You are our eyes” is repeated throughout the issue and is both a symbolic representation of this twisted council that presides over Cybertron, but it has an even shocking meaning by the very last page.
Now it isn’t to say that this issue is just full of shock and terror, there are plenty of scenes involving unraveling the mystery of Brainstorm’s actions. Roberts and Alex Milne do a wonderful job expressing how each character feels in the moment. For instance we have a scene with Perceptor explaining, in very scientific detail, how Brainstorm got away, only for the next panel to have Megatron and Ultra Magnus completely dumbfounded with Rodimus urging Perceptor to explain in laymen’s terms. Along with Megatron’s rant about the entire journey to find the Knights of Cybertron, those two moments are examples of why I love these comics.


Speaking of Alex Milne, the issue is blessed with gorgeous art. Milne is one of my favorites to draw the Transformers, and his art has become sort of my “default look” when I think of Transformers. Along with Milne’s art, Joana Lafuente does a wonderful job with colors. The issue is full of warm colors, which in contrast to the overall tone of the issue, is such an amazing presentation of comic art.

There is only one gripe I have with this issue, which is somewhat “where” this issue lies as far as continuity and the rest of the series. While I do love Roberts’ writing for this issue, it was difficult to exactly place specifically when things were taking place. It somewhat falls onto the same problem I felt with issue #29, in which the puzzle pieces it lays down for the preceding issues aren’t fully enjoyed until the other parts are laid out or the mystery is solved. It is almost like not being able to see how well crafted a piece is until it is fully assembled and the reader is able to step back and say “Oh so that’s what this means and where it lead to this”.

In conclusion, More Than Meets the Eye #35 is another fantastic entry to the line. It was satisfying seen reading that next issue after the cliffhanger of the previous, which I feel is the same for all the issues in the series. While I do feel like the issue merely a small piece to a larger puzzle, I would still highly recommend people to read this comic.


RATING: 4.5 out of 5