Straight Forward Reviews : Fathom Kiani # 4

Kiani and Luzhin face off in a final battle. What will become of Kiani and her mission? Should you just wait until next month? Find out in a straight forward review.

Writer – Vince Hernandez

Artist – Giusepe Cafaro

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Kiani fights Luzhin with his new powers as Casque decides to lend a hand and fight everyone else. When I say “everyone else,” I mean everyone else by the way.

The dialogue during the fights do have some meaningful words mostly when it comes to Luzhin’s ideals versus Kiani’s but most of the book is just fights and people spouting how they can’t be beaten or how they’ll beat you.

The first three issues felt like they were actually doing a good job of building things up; and even though some things could be seen a mile away, like Luzhin’s plans, it did have some nice character building. It felt like all that came together for a bit of an anti-climactic showdown. For a final showdown with someone who has super awesome powers stolen from the main character, Luzhin’s fight was extremely short. There was a very nice epilogue after the fight however and it seems like the next issue will be having some really cool characters and action.


The line-art by Giusepe Cafaro and colors by Wes Hartman are so detailed and vibrant that it just makes you want to keep reading and not put the book down until it’s done. The action is great and the character designs are just downright pretty.


Although the awesome build up did feel like it was kind of anti climactic with such a short battle, it did have it’s cool moments and the epilogue did instill some excitement for the next arc. With that I give Fathom: Kiani # 4 an 8.5 out of 10.