The Valiant #1 Review

The Valiant # 1

Written by Jeff Lamire & Matt Kindt

Art by Paolo Rivera


Valiant Comics




Something that I am be reiterating in the reviews I have done so far is that I am somewhat new to comics. Now ,even though I know there are companies that have very popular works that I can go for my primary consumption, I’ve always been one to try out new things. The world of Valiant has always been something that I wanted to learn more about. I have only recently dipped my toe into the murky waters but now I have the chance to dive in head first with The Valiant.

“Where do I start?” At this point, my friend must think that that is what I think his name is with all the times I ask him about new books. Its kind of a problem I have. With every established character, I want to know how we got to the point where I’m reading. The Valiant takes care of that without making it feel like I’m taking being talking down to. I have working knowledge of the Eternal Warrior so having him start the issue was a great. You get to see him through the years with several Geomancers. Every Geomancer different from the other and with every geomancer, another scar. Its really heartbreaking seeing the Eternal Warrior’s struggle with the Immortal Enemy. It is his Kobayashi Maru, his no-win scenario, and each failure is branded on him to remind him for all of, well, eternity.

We then get to know more about the current Geomancer, Kay McHenry. You get to know more about the role of the Geomancer and really more about her. It kind of comes off as her rambling but at least ends with a good punchline. Yeah, it’s a small nitpick but that’s not to say that her rambling is not justified. Clearly, being a Geomancer is kind of a big deal. You go from a 9-to-5 to Guardian of Earth, you would start questioning all of your life choices. From this entire issue, she comes off as the most interesting person. She wants to be better than she is now and she now going to do something about it. Who can hate that?

Bloodshot is just plain cool. Assassin turned good. Simple idea but effective. This guy is mowing down mercenaries and mechs suits like it is nothing. Yeah, he has some super special nanites that really does a lot of the work for him but I am not blame him for using all the tools that he has. If these things can help him take a beating and make him learn how to control a mech suit, I say use it. The only real gripe I have with Bloodshot’s part of the issue is that some of the dialog comes off as a bit of an info dump. You have one character going, “Hey, you know that thing you already know about yourself? Let me tell you about it again.” Obviously, this is more for people who don’t know anything about these characters (me) but it would have gone down a bit easier if you didn’t have a talking head tell you all the back-story. Just let him be a badass. We can worry about history later.

All in all, this is a solid issue and a great way for people to get a taste of this universe. The art is fantastic. All the action scenes are kinetic and scenes with just two people talking come off as genuine. Every incarnation of the Immortal Enemy is like it came out of my nightmares. Can’t wait to see where this goes and I hope people get a chance to check this out. I give this Four Kobayashi Maru attempts out of Five.

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