Zombie Tramp #4 Review


Written by Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin
Art by TMChu &  Jason Martin
Lettered by Dave Dwonch & Jason Martin
Action Lab: Danger Zone


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What Happened: It’s the final showdown between Janey & King … and Daisy too.

Big Moment:  He looks like a girlfriend who was a boyfriend that I met February of last year … and a pimp is rammed by karma.


The issue was solid. Janey and her match with King ended with a great, insane and innovative battle between two undead masters. We get some good development from Janey here as she decides to take destiny her her own hands and not take shit from anyone. Seriously, it’s a good move by Janey after everything she’s been through. Though, I will say her one punishment with a pimp may seem a bit extreme to some readers … even disgusting. Yet, it is oddly poetic.

The pacing of the issue was strong and moved quickly without going too far or feeling too short.
The dialogue felt authentic. And other then the vicious set of karma hitting the one pimp, it was a well written issue, leaving some interesting mysteries and set up of what’s to come.



TMChu and Martin do a great job here. There are a bit more backgrounds. The colors give the book a good amount of atmosphere. The battle with King and Janey was great as we see them go blade to blade. TMChu and Martin do a great job showing that to us. A good amount of shadows help keep the book’s atmosphere.  TMChu gives enough detail to make everything out clearly with good panel composition. Really good job by the art team.


Final Verdict:

This was a pretty good issue that closes the first arc in the ongoing. Janey gets some good development and continues to be a character that is in the gray (between good and evil) with her actions. The art was good and the story wrapped up well while setting up for more. I give Zombie Tramp # 4 a 4 out of 5.