Punk Mambo #0 Review


Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Robert Gill & Jose Villarrubia
Lettering by Dave Lanphear
Valiant Comics



What Happened: Punk Mambo goes back to London to deal with old ghosts that haunt her by getting revenge.

Big Moment: Punk Mambo meeting up with her teacher.


Milligan paints a great picture of our mysterious mambo with Punk Mambo.  We get a great narrative of her history while playing out the main plot at the same time. Milligan gives us a multi-faceted look into the voodoo priestess. Punk Mambo is definitely one of the stronger female characters as Milligan shows us both vulnerability and strength and make the character so interesting.

The pacing of the one shot was great as it tied the story up well. It also gave us a powerful voice in Punk Mambo that allowed her to evolve in our eyes. The dialogue was great, remembering punk being a fade to some and a way of life to others. A strong showing by Milligan.

Gill and Villarubia go a bit different here as we get a very artistic look for the book. Gill’s style is less solid, hyper detailed and more free flowing and slender. It gives a different texture of grit to the book that fits the character perfectly. Gill does not disappoint with some amazing panel work that kind of mesmerizes you in each page. Villarrubia does a spectacular job making the colors come off strong enough to give readers a clear image but still enough that it gives the book a certain mystique. The backgrounds were great. The overall emotion was conveyed well and the little action in the book was presented in a solid fashion.

Final Verdict:

Why this is not a series, I am not sure. Milligan, Gill and Villarrubia triumph here as we get one of the most interesting female leads in comics. Punk Mambo is refreshing as she gives us a story full of both sadness and triumph that really grabs readers. There is a good amount of her past that spills into her present and the art was just dynamic and fresh. I give Punk Mambo #0 a 5 … out of 5. BUY IT!