Unity #12 Review

Unity #12

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by CAFU, Trevor Hairsine & Brian Reber

Valiant Comics




What Happened: With Unity gone public, the team’s benefactors, Neville and Col. Capshaw, go over Aric’s status on the team and say they need a new, permenant 4th member. As that new member arrives, it seems that Mexico and some other nations felt that the US and UK hid Unity’s power for themselves. So, they build their own team to counter act it … The UNITED.


Big Moment: Honestly, Ninjak and Eternal Warrior’s interactions continue to be some of my favorite in the series.



This issue was set up and it was beautifully done. Kindt takes the issue to kind of show us where the members of Unity are at. Aric’s status as a non full time member definitely seemed to impact the team a little. Eternal Warrior and Ninjak’s dynamic continues to be entertaining both on and off the battlefield. As those two talk over the new member, Kindt does a good job slowly introducing the United while advancing our main stars. Livewire continues to be one of the best female characters in comics, taking the role as team’s spokeman and doing it well.

The dialogue really sells this issue. Not just the character interactions, but the authenticity of how they sound from the characters. Kindt is a master of making the most of the dialogue within the pages of the book. Conservations are always entertaining and impactful. Plus, the set up for the United was paced well, letting us get to know the characters before they clash.



CAFU just continues to shine. Hairsine’s small bits were great, as they were used as video from Armor Hunters. There is a great amount of detail and emotion was conveyed on the page. Livewire definitely looked her best as spokesperson of the team. We get some wonderful movement and emotion conveyed as CAFU shows us how close Gilad and Colin have become since starting the team. Reber continues to bring vibrant colors that bring the best out of our artists works. Definitely solid work by this art team.

Final Verdict:

This was a great plot and character driven issue. We get set up for this story. We get some politics. The art was superb. This is a beginning of an important conflict for the team. I give Unity #12 a solid 4 … out of 5.