Straight Forward Reviews : Q2 The Return of Quantum and Woody # 2

The original Quantum and Woody are back and as 20 years passed in real life so did 20 years pass in their world. With the original team behind the book 20 years ago. Last issue we saw some questions raised about what’s going on and this issue we see… more questions raised.

Q2_002_COVER_BRIGHTWriter – Christopher Priest

Artist – M.D Bright

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story in this issue expands on the previous issue. Well, obviously but what I mean is the bits that were vague in the last issue are expanded upon this time. The first issue showed that there were definitely questions but this issue now shows which questions the audience and the protagonists should be asking. There was some decent action spots thrown in as well, that served to spice up the narrative.

Without spoilers it seems the plot is tied to the kid. It also seems Eric is trying to attack the problem on his own without Woody. Both Woody and Eric seem to be learning about the same thing but are on different sides of it.

The writing gives an intricate look into the characters personalities. Besides the comedy the characters interactions and thoughts are the most fleshed out and it really makes the book feel meaty which a lot of books don’t these days especially for the money spent on them.


Bright’s art has not gone down in quality after 20 years. The characters are detailed and well designed and the big action scenes look fantastic. Especially one page where it’s just Quantum using his powers, it looks good enough to be a poster. I have nothing else to comment on the art for this issue. Q2_002_003


Quantum and Woody have returned to a much more serious story though still not necessarily lacking in humor. This issue has a lot of dialog, though necessary so you can at least have a hint at what exactly the bigger picture is. There’s some action, really good action at that but the issue is more for laying down the groundwork. Since there seems to be plenty that will probably not make sense unless you read this I suggest picking this issue up. Even if you’re not a fan of plenty of dialog, the action and the humor still make this enjoyable. But, if you do enjoy substance in your comics then I definitely have to recommend this issue and I give Q2 : The Return of Quantum and Woody # 2 a 4.5 out of 5.