Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer
Art by Phillip Sevy & Fred C Stresing
Action Lab Entertainment

This will be a spoiler free review.

                In a world where having super powers is so taboo, that it automatically is met with force, Jake Roth narrates his story for us. Join Jake as we see his world and how his powers emerged. 


                Sevy and Stresing bring us Jake Roth’s story. The art does a good job of telling a story, with a style that isn’t overly detailed unless it needs to be. The panel work gives enough detail to immerse readers into. The lines are  a little thicker than normal but works for the story and the setting. I am impressed with how well Sevy gets Regan’s face looks in this. The action is good and Sevy does a good job, giving some good perspectives here and there. The backgrounds are ok with some good detail. I did especially enjoy Sevy and Stresing use of shadows when Jake is tied up. A pretty good opening shot form the art team.


                Ruttgaizer has some great narrative here. Jake Roth comes across very believable, likable and vulnerable in this one issue. Ruttgaizer’s choice to have Roth tell the readers the story through his own narrative alongside regular dialogue really helps build on the character and the world. Ruttgaizer moves the issue well, with a perfect pace that both explains the world of The First Hero and Roth well. Roth gets some great character development as we learn of his fears as well as his sense of duty. Roth already starts as a complex character and Ruttgaizer builds upon that, using both the world around him and Roth’s personality to make the story personal, compelling and different from most other super powered hero comics.  The dialogue was very authentic for the characters which only added to how well the book is written. While we didn’t see a supporting cast yet, the fact that Ruttgaizer uses Roth as the main narrator makes it okay.  An extremely well- written and well constructed first issue.


                The writing is top notch with some good art by Sevy and Stresing. The book has just begun but we have a great, complex main character that I look forward to seeing in this world where just having super powers is a death sentence. The great narrative and the easy style make this a great first issue.

                I give The First Hero # 1 a 4 out of 5. Great job. Order this book today.

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