Sherwood, TX # 4 Review


Written by Shane Berryhill
Art by David Hillyard & Charlie Kirchoff
Lettering by Ed Dukeshire
12-Gauge Comics

What Happened: As Rob laments over Will being put into a coma, he gets a peptalk about standing up to the Nobles. Meanwhile, there is a rat in the Nobles and things get uglier as Prince wants to find their masked attacker.


Big Moment: We get a tip on who the traitor is.



Berryhill crafts a strong issue here as Rob continues to move forward after having doubts of what he’s doing. We see his resolve fall to becoming as strong as steel again. Readers are also see how very vicious and evil that the Nobles are becoming. Prince isn’t stupid and we get to see that this issue. Berryhill’s characters feel very authentic and there are some great character interactions throughout the book.

The issue had a strong pace and kept the story flowing strong. The dialogue was great and we really get a good idea of this Texan Robin Hood’s world looks and feels.



Hillyard’s style is fairly simple, but gives enough detail that it does well, conveying emotion and action extremely well. Hillyard definitely hits all the right strokes to give us a strong looks and feel of Nottingham, Texas.  Hillyard and Kirchoff do an excellent job with the shading and color this issue … allowing characters to look sinister or convey more frightening/villainous aspects of the Nobles.
The action looked pretty good and the art was pretty good in each panel. Nothing felt neglected. A solid job by this art team.

Final Verdict:

Nottingham, TX # 4 gave us a good issue as it is setting up the final conflict while also advancing characters within the book. The art was good and the writing was solid. I give Nottingham, TX # 4 a 4 out of 5.