Bloodshot # 25 Review

Written by Duane Swierczynski, Peter Milligan, Howard Chaykin, Daniel Kibblesmith, Duffy Bourdreau & Justin Jordon

Art by Bart Sears, Allen Passalaqua, Lewis LaRosa, Brian Reber, Howard Chaykin,Jesus Aburto,Manuel Garcia, Jordon Boyd, Johnnie Christmas, Dylan Todd, Al Barrionuevo, Rafer Roberts and more.
Letters by Dave Sharpe

Valiant Comics



What Happened: Um … we look at Bloodshot through various parts of his life. From while he was under Project: Rising Spirits control to recently.


Big Moment: The Glitch’s climax was definitely a HUGE moment with the climates to The Gang’s All Here taking second.



We have some exceptional writing from everyone here. While the majority of the book seems to center around Bloodshot’s time during the early part of this series, we get some great characterization and development from the character. Everything from Bloodshot’s origin, to his cunning, to the emotions he still has; each and every writer puts their stamp on Bloodshot while making everything flow well. None of the stories seemed to last too long or too little. It was great to see Swierczynski revisit the character he had started, even including Kara, who he hadn’t seen since Harbinger Wars. We had such great throwbacks as well different perspectives on the character.

I will say Milligan’s The Glitch, Swierczynski’s Heart of the Matter and Bourdreau’s The Gang’s All Here were the main gems in this packed issue. Great writing, pacing, dialogue and character development rained surpreme in these stories. Such a great job by all the writers.
BLOOD_025_004 BLOOD_025_002

We got many different artists, so the art is all over the place this issue. Still, they all do a fantastic job in their own way. Particular, I tip my hat to Bart Sears and Lewis LaRosa … who’s art shines this issue. Chaykin’s still works very well with this super piled issue. There was exceptional action, great amount of perspectives and the artists all work to their strengths and give readers some great panel work. All the art fit the corresponding story and it ranges from good to exceptional. Really outstanding work by all the artists this issue.


Final Verdict:

Bloodshot # 25 is a celebration. It ends an era for the character and we get different views on said character. It is an outstanding job the entire creative team for this masterful anniversary issue of Bloodshot. I give Bloodshot # 25 a 4 out of 5.