All New Soulfire # 8 Review


Written by JT. Krul

Art by V. Ken Marion, Mark Roslan, Juanchoo & Erick Arciniega

Letters by Josh Reed

Aspen Comics


What Happened: It’s the showdown between Pj and the crew vs. Abel, Alori … and a giant mecha hydra. It does not bode well as more than one relationship ends during this issue.
Big Moment: Let’s see … honestly, I was enjoying the time between Grace and Vanyss … and the group fighting mecha hydra.
  The issue ties up this new storyline well. The main plot takes over as we see Abel make his final moves with Alori leading the charge. Krul allows us a moment to have PJ deal with the fact that his relationship and feelings towards Alori were betrayed.  The dialogue fit the characters and conflicts as there was definite bad blood between Abel and Benoist. And while the conflicts are touched on, it feels brief.
Alori and PJ’s confrontation was good, but felt a bit too quick after the build up Krul had done for it. Krul uses what he has well, yet some more moments before hand or just a bit more interplay there at the finale would have definitely made their conflict have more emotional weight.
  Other than that, Krul hits all the right story points, pacing and action that this series built up to. It works very well and is exciting. We get a great story about magic, faith, love, technology and seeing how these characters all grow after the war they had survived.  We get some awesome character development for PJ, Benoist, Malikai, Grace and Vanyss that culminates well in this issue. Malikai, Grace and Vanyss definitely have the most powerful scenes in the book, which Krul pulls off flawlessly. Krul’s work is solid, just need a bit more out of Alori’s and PJ’s last confrontation.
  Marion and crew give us a simply stunning final issue of All New Soulfire. We get spectacular panel work as our group faces off against the mecha hydra that Abel came with. The action in this issue exploded off the page. Marion’s strong sense of perspective serves him well with some really inspired, dynamic action and panel work. Roslan and Juanchoo bring out the best of Marion’s pencil work as Arciniega and Juanchoo give it such blazingly beautiful colors. The detail and emotion is captured with every character and the backgrounds really help this issue feel realized. An outstanding job this issue by the art team.
Final Verdict:
While the issue might seem breezy in some parts, it is still a solid ending. The art was absolutely amazing and we had a strong finish full of tension, emotion and possibility. I give All New Soulfire # 8 a 4 out of 5.