Straight Forward Reviews : Archer and Armstrong # 25

The odd couple duo of the hard drinking Armstrong and the stoic Archer come together in one big blowout for their 25th issue. This time there’s stories from all kinds of writers and artists to celebrate and the issue is longer than normal. So let’s get to it already.

AA_025_VARIANT_PEREZArtists and Writers –

The Origin of Archer and Armstrong : Fred Van Lente and Pere Perez

Back to the Beginning – Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry, David Baron

Immortal Combat – John Layman, Ramon Villalobos, David Baron

One Percent – Ray Fawkes, Andy Kuhn, Pez Lopez

First Round’s On Me – Donny Cates, Eliot Rahal, Khari Evans David Baron

Archer and Armstrong Pin Up – Barry Kitson, David Baron

Bar Talk – Justin Jordan, Rafer Roberts

Happy Returns – Joey Esposito

Review by Jeremias de Leon


The story features different vignettes with different writer/artist teams so it’ll be a little hard to discuss all of them. Each story had it’s own flavor and fortunately none of them were sub par. Which is something worth commending this issue on alone. Many anthology type books have some good stories and some that are almost always seen as much weaker. While there may be some stories that stick in your memory more than others none should be skipped.

The One Percent story is a really good lead in for the new One Percent series, First Round’s On Me is a really funny anecdote about Armstrong’s first drink and Back to the Beginning was a short, very grounded, very human story that actually tugs at the heartstrings.


It’s also very hard to talk about art in a book like this for the same reason mentioned above. Different styles and flavors for different effects. Yet again I have to say that there’s not a single sour grape among the bunch. David Baron and Pere Perez being some standouts. Some might want to point Rafer Roberts if they aren’t open minded but I loved that art too and it is technically proficient, and it’s a really cool uncommon style. AA_025_004


As someone who’s been reviewing Archer and Armstrong since the beginning about two years ago when we got these Valiant relaunches I have to say this mini anthology of stories and art is a perfect way to celebrate two years for the series. We may not see these two in their own book, for now at least, anymore but there will still be memories and crossover adventures for the duo. So take this issue not as something to be sad over but as it was intended to be a celebration. A celebration of great stories that occurred over two years and that will occur as they appear in other series. I give Archer and Armstrong # 25 a 5 out of 5. Pick it up and be a part of the celebration.