Harbinger: Omegas # 3 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona & David Garcia Cruz
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics


What happened: Harada makes it clear that he’s not going anywhere as Peter tries to do something good .. but is not in the condition too.

Big Moment: Harada meets President Barack Obama.



Dysart continues to craft masterpieces of work that are just outstanding. This issue alone is solid proof of that as we got some exceptional development between Peter, Harada and Kris.  Dysart builds the “Foundation” of Harada’s new empire well as he makes it clear that he will not allow any other nation to stop him.

Peter is so very messed up and Dysart shows us a man who is just tired of the death and fighting. Kris is doing her best to believe in Peter but sees through him. The character interplay and dialogue are top notch. This issue closes out the miniseries perfectly as it sets up the upcoming title, “Imperium” as well as show us the lengths and distances these three characters have gone. The conflict isn’t over but Dysart ends the book with some very powerful notes and actions that make this issue jaw dropping.

The pacing was perfect. Dysart continues to write “Harbinger” in a way that readers will talk about for years to come.



Sandoval, Tarragona and Cruz do a magnificent job this issue. We got some great perspective shots and action. We got explosive backgrounds and panel work. Characters really conveyed emotion well. There were some very powerful and critical scenes that will become infamous in comic books history. The art team just blows you always with their rendered Harada vs. Obama confrontation. This was some top notch work that really does not stop jumping off the page. Cruz’s colors just gives more power to Sandoval and Tarragona’s pencils and inks. With amazing backgrounds, visuals and characters, the art in this book is simply outstanding.

Final Verdict:

Dysart continues writing a run for the ages. Sure, this book transforms into “Imperium” but it clearly is just one long project in his mind and it connects so well. The art in this issue is insane. This is clearly one of the best comics to have come out this year. Pick this up. I give Harbinger: Omegas # 3 a 5 out of 5.