Zombie Tramp # 3 Review

Written by Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin
Art by TMChu & Jason Martin
Action Lab: Danger Zone


What Happened: Janey gets trapped by the zombie known as King as he wants to marry Janey. Yet, not everyone wants Janey with the King and she doesn’t want to be with him either … yet, King does not care.


Big Moment: Janey shows that she is one bad chick by making new zombies … without biting them.


TMChu’s style is simple but definitely seemed to evolve this issue. There is a bit more detail in his work.  There are some great action that TMChu and Martin.  The characters look great this issue, with all sort of people in different shapes and sizes being seen. There is the right amount of gore that the book has been known for. There is great expression and movement throughout the issue and Martin’s colors really do a great job of showing us the grit and the grim that the story’s tone suggests.
My only gripe is that there is not much in terms of backgrounds.  Everything else is fine yet there is a lack of background in more of the book than I thought.

Zombie Tramp 3-5


Mendoza and Martin do some great advancement for Janey this issue. We get to see a bit more of her past to explain why she was trying to help Daisy now. Also, dealing with the King, who seems to be an undead Elvis, has been deepening more of the mythology of the book. Janey definitely seems like she has gotten a bit more powerful, helping to make the character and zombies more distinct.

The dialogue was very authentic. And the fun of Sin City turning to carnage thanks to a zombie Elvis was definitely a stroke of genius. This issue was pure action, gore and fun and it was glorious.

Final Verdict:

The lack of backgrounds hurts the issue a little but only a little. Otherwise, we got solid art and a mixture of sex, horror, gore and great mysticism that just keeps the book entertaining. Janey is not a great person but still quite the lead to cheer for you.  The writing is just superb and the art is strong. I give Zombie Tramp # 3 a 3.5 of 5.