Herocats of Stellar City #1 Review

Written by Kyle Puttkammer
Art by Marcus Williams
Action Lab Entertainment

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What Happened: We meet the Herocats of Stellar City through the eyes of member, Cassiopeia.  We find out that these cats are more than ordinary as Cassiopeia tells us of Midnight, Rocco, Rocket, Belle & Ace as they unite to fight against the minions of evil … while there is a mystery very close to the heart of the family that “Cassie” is apart of.


Big Moment: Seeing the Herocat takes down a bunch of toy robots that were supposed to ruin Christmas.


Puttkammer does solid work here.  Cassiopeia is a great character and narrator for the other cats. We get introduced to the other cats in an almost classic super hero team comic way. There is definitely a great job done. The narration is excellent and we get  told a lot about the characters. While this issue did focus on Cassiopeia, we did get some development from the other cats. The other plot with “Cassie” family is also interesting.  Puttkammer lets Williams tell much of the story while using the narration to build this world.
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Williams does spectacular job. There is great amount of scenery. Every cat, person and background was distinct. Williams really was able to show us some wonderful action with the Herocats as well as good emotion between Cassiopeia and “Cassie’s” family.  Colors were very nice, blending them all well. Williams uses his art to show us more of all of the Herocats in this issue, which shows the faith and power of Puttkammer & Williams collaboration.

Final Verdict:

While there is a lot more told to us than seen, Puttkammer does trust enough in Williams to help show us the characters. Cassiopeia is a great lead so far and there is a good amount of action, touching moments and mystery to make you want more. This is different a different book, yet it stands out with letting both narrative and art show us the story. I give Herocats of Stellar City # 1 a 4 … out of 5.