The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage # 2 Review


Written by Jen Van Meter
Art by Roberto De La Torre & David Baron
Letters by Dave Lanphear
Valiant Comics


What happened: Dr. Mirage ends up crossing over to the Night Garden. As she crosses the Night Garden, she barters with tales of her past, talking about her late husband.  Yet, there is trouble as a demonic being known as  Ivros knows she’s there.  And things get even worse as Dr. Mirage lands in a particularly familiar realm.

Big Moment: Her flashback about how she met her husband. It was pretty damn awesome.


Van Meter gives us a heavy issue, full of plot, character development and intrigue that carries on to every page. Not a single panel, not a single word is wasted in this book as Van Meter fleshes out not only Dr. Mirage as a character, but her past and her world.  This issue has some wonderful, significant strides in terms of introducing new elements and more.  The dialogue was powerful and Van Meter gives readers a lot but at an excellent pace. Nothing went on too long or too short. The main plot thickened while also advancing Dr. Mirage’s character. This was masterful writing in a great, packed issue.

De La Torre and Baron just give us the right amount of macabre with emotion. This issue was full of supernatural spectacle and powerful emotion on each page.  The different areas were colored in such a fashion that it helped De La Torre’s backgrounds have an other worldly  feel. The perspectives and character designs are just amazing as we see how different the realm of spirits and demons are in the Valiant Universe.  De La Torre’s dark tones are blended near perfectly with Baron’s coloring, making a marriage of eerie beauty that few other artists can match.

Final Verdict:

With hauntingly powerful and beautiful  art, alongside the very powerful and flowing dialogue and story, The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage # 2 was just a brilliant issue. It had it all and definitely a great book to be deemed Valiant’s first female title in this incarnation. I give The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage # 2 a  5 … out of 5. Get it today!