Dry Spell # 1 Review

Written by Ken Krekeler
Art by Ken Krekeler
Action Lab: Danger Zone

This will be a spoiler free review.
Note: I know I already reviewed this before a month ago but have yet to find the original review …. Soooooooooo … here we go again.

                Our story opens in a world of super heroes and our main character, Tom Ferris, is “enjoying” a mundane life as an office worker. At night, he dreams of the life he used to have … among the super heroic elite. And then … one day at work, that door to the elite starts to open again and things will never be the same.
                The art is simply gorgeous.  A mixed water colored and traditional coloring helps give the book its own sense of style and grace … and every scene is matched perfectly with tones that help set the mood and really draw you in. Krekeler does a great job with his line work, giving just enough detail to his characters and background to make them different but allows the colors and the inks help his art achieve this vibrancy and originality. Krekeler’s panel work goes from simple to outrageous, allowing readers to really keep a focus on the art while allow it to tell its story in its own way. It is truly magnificent some of the panel work when Tom is “under the influence;” allowing stunning art to really shine through. Krekeler conveys emotion well, shows people in different sizes and colors and really gives good perspectives. Really an outstanding job by Krekeler.
                The issue was near perfection from start to finish. Drawing on series like “Watchman” for an artistic opening with its opening page to its final panel, Krekeler allows readers to get a great dose symbolism and authenticity.  Krekeler speaks to the everyday man wishing to be something more with Tom Ferris while also talking to those men and women who think about their glory days. Krekeler uses the dream of always wanting to be more and to be back at your highest point as driving forces for the issue, allowing not only explanation on Tom’s actions but set up for the main plot of the book as well.
                Krekeler constructs Tom Ferris to be a relatable character from when we first meet him to his decision to go out with “the old gang” for a night out on the town. Krekeler also reminds us the dangers of going back to our glory days; as old vices might rear their ugly head as well but seamlessly ties it into the story well. The distinct differences in Tom in his mundane life and Tom during the end of the book are very obvious but are built upon well. Krekeler builds a good supporting cast around Tom that already starts to pull at him in different directions while also uses them to maintain a level of mystery. And while the ends kind of stops the story more than ends it, overall, the first issue was solid with great pacing and wonderful characters.


                Honestly, this was a great first issue. The art was spectacular. The writing was superb. The characters were relatable and the premise seemed very authentic. I enjoyed this first issue and really and looking forward to looking at Tom Ferris a bit more, next issue. So, with that, I would like to give Dry Spell # 1 a solid 4.5 out of 5.