Crimson Society # 1 Review

Written by Mike Hunau
Art by Carlos Trigo
Action Lab: Danger Zone


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What Happened: Meet Jack Crimson … in a world were supernatural creatures and people learn to live in some kind of peace … racism doesn’t die as Jack is becomes a werewolf weapon to kill vampires.

Big Moment:  Jack killing a bunch of vampires . . . against his will.


This is a very innovative concept. A world were the supernatural is working with regular humans.  As we meet Jack, we find out that Jack is being tortured by his current state. Hunau does a great job of showing us this new world where super natural blends with the modern. Jack definitely feels like a multifaceted character … afraid of what he is while also trying to figure out what to do now. The dialogue is all right. And the story moves at a nice pace.  The origin story is definitely related able and is a nice twist on old stand by plots.


Triago’s art is pretty good. The world is interesting as we got technology and the supernatural together. Jack definitely seems to be the marriage of the two and Trigo does it well to display that with the people and backgrounds they have. Trigo’s style isn’t extremely detailed but he does make sure that there characters look and feel part of the world … adding the right tones and shades to allow a very gothic feel to the world of Crismon Society. And while the backgrounds aren’t highly detailed, he still does a great job of presenting them.  Trigo’s colors and art really make this book stand out a bit more.


Final Verdict:
Crimson Society is off to a good start. There is some good writing. The plot is intriguing. Our main protagonist seems to be caught in a worse situation that he originally did not want to be in. The art is good. Where there definitely seems to be more that can be done, this was a solid first issue.

 I give Crimson Society # 1 a 4 … out of 5.