Bloodshot # 24 Review

Bloodshot #24
Written by B. Clay Moore
Art by Will Rosado & Allen Passalaqua
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics


What Happened: We got back to 2001 as we see a bunch of Sleeper agents from Moscow get activated as Bloodshot is sent to take them down.

Big Moment:  I do enjoy Bloodshot taking out the Sleeper agents and feeling some kind of sympathy for them.


B. Clay Moore gives us definitely a more back to basics and political. This issue was a great stand alone, giving us a good amount of political intrigue with great action, much like the Bourne Identity movies. While other readers might find this issue wordy, I feel it was great dialogue and the right amount wording to really pull you into the story. The pacing was all right. The dialogue heavy issue does make this issue feel a bit slower. Yet, Moore excels as building these characters and creating the right atmosphere verbally.


Rosado is definitely at home with this kind of work, having spent time drawing issues of G.I. Joe not long ago. There is a great amount of background and detail that really bring out the right mood and action to the script. Rosado does not shy away from the more grosser looking panels.

The tone and characters definitely fit that of a book dealing with political intrigue and Rosado & Passalaqua make sure that their work fits the script. The action was great and looked authentic. Expression was done well. It fit the story well.

Final Verdict:

This issue gives us a great story dealing with political intrigue, sleeper agents and action. Moore captures the story well and it definitely fits for Bloodshot.  The art was pretty good. Overall, the issue was satisfying. The dialogue fit but some readers might find it too wordy.  Yet, I believe that wordy-ness is a strength.

 I give Bloodshot # 24 a 4 … out of 5.