Zombie Tramp # 1 & # 2 Review

ZOMBIE TRAMP (Ongoing) # 1 & # 2
Written by Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin
Art by TMChu
Lettered by Dave Dwonch
Action Lab: Danger Zone

Zombie Tramp # 1 Zombie Tramp # 2
Storyline Title: N/A

What Happened: Janey starts over in Las Vegas. Yet, as she gets back to turning tricks and killin’ pimps (and assholes), she gets lured to face off with one of the biggest pimps in the Las Vegas strip … an very … undead …person called the King. Oh boy.


Mendoza and Martin do a great job of developing Janey and giving her a brand new start. Las Vegas just seems right with her. The new background seems fitting and full of story potential. And they start off with a bang. Obviously, there is violence but it fills for Janey’s need to punish men for their lustful faults and her hunger.
Mendoza and Martin also take time to develop some of the other background characters such as Daisy.  As we find out that Janey can possess a new body after her original body is destroyed, allowing the soul of the original’s own gets devoured. This does make it hard to cheer for our protagonist, but there are things that seem to justify Janey’s actions. The dialogue is authentic and the pacing for both issues work well.


TMChu’s style is different from Mendoza’s style but works. While there isn’t a lot of detail, TMChu gives just enough. There are some good backgrounds down and people do look different. Although, Janey’s proportions are always a big extreme … it fits the character and appeal.  TMChu does excel at giving us different presepectives. We definite see that  TMChu can create characters of all kinds of proportions and make them fit. The colors and inks really help bring out TMChu’s art.  And while the bigger eyes give a “Betty Boop/Anime” feel to the women, it does work here in the grotesqueness and sexiness of the book.


Final Verdict:
This first two issues were good. They had great character development, superb writing and solid art. And while there are some interesting things coming, Martin and Mendoza leave enough plot threads to make readers want more.  King is intriguing. I do like the focus on Daisy and see the growth in Janey. This is a great kick off to the ongoing. I give Zombie Tramp #1 & # 2 a 4 … out of 5.