Harbinger: Omegas # 2 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona & Ulises Arreola
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics



This review does contain a minor spoiler.
What Happened: Harada takes land from Somalia and makes it into a nation … against the wills of the government of Somalia and many more.  He and his Psiots make a show of force that takes down multiple strikes from different governments. Meanwhile, Peter Stanchek is the most wanted man alive right now … and all he wants to do is keep to himself. Yet … that’s not going to happen.

Big Moment:

Seeing Harada pretty much use his powers and an “acquired” jet to take down a stealth bomber and than having a moment of reflection over his current situation and Peter.



That panel work and detail in this issue is absolutely insane and glorious. We get to see so many different kinds of people, objects and backgrounds that it really is powerful. Sandoval out does himself as Tarragona assist to give some very powerful art this issue.  There was little stone unturned in terms of the things we saw. There were bullets. There were powers. There were people look up at Harada symbolizing his power. There were people frantically using their phones for a manhunt. Sandoval, Tarragona and Arreola do an outstanding job displaying this art with Sandoval. Sandoval’s style is a bit cleaner here and full of detail and the colors just make the work that much more appealing.



Dysart writes a masterpiece as we get to really look inside Harada’s operation and Harada’s head. The man definitely feels conflicted by his own decisions and makes the villain so much more relatable this issue. This is not the world he wished for but the world he is forced to make in his mind and Dysart gives plenty of characterization to show that. Now, while we still have Peter trying to just forget all that has happened … the world isn’t letting him go and Dysart really does a great job of showing how society goes into a frenzy depending on a particular issue. And while we do not see the other Renegades, we do see the world’s reaction to Harada’s show of power and really feels authentic. This issue was great on character development for Harada while really showing us what he can down with his group and his powers. With powerful dialogue and excellent pacing, Dysart continues to be a master of his craft.

Final Verdict:


Harada isn’t playing around. This Harada centric issue really helps sets up what is to come for the book and just Harbinger in general. Things aren’t quite over with Peter and Harada yet but I look forward to what is to come. The art is great. The writing is superb. A fantastic issue.  I give Harbinger: Omegas # 2 a 4.5 … out of 5.