All New Fathom # 8 Review

Written by David Wohl
Art by Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, John Ereck & Beth Sotelo
Letter by Josh Reed
Aspen Comics

All New Fathom 8 cover
This will be a spoiler free review.

Muria has fallen.  Aspen, Chance and Killian arrive too late as they are then put into battle with the remainder of Vana’s forces.  Yet, in this battle, there is a bitter reunion.


Konat, Roslan, Ercek and Sotelo do a spectacular job with the art this issue. We get some powerful emotional panels with Killian and Anya as well as interactions between Aspen and Chance. The backgrounds are amazing. The details on characters and backgrounds are wonderful, bring us a clear picture of Muria and the world of Fathom.

Sotelo does an exceptional job with colors, making Roslan & Ereck’s inks really make the art explode off the page. The inks and shading help give Konat’s art a bit more punch and make it that much more distinct.  I love the angles used in this issue with several panels such as Aspen meeting  Anika. Really beautiful art by the art team.
All New Fathom 8

Wohl closes out the miniseries with a good balance of action and emotion as Aspen faces off . Wohl does allow for some great character development for Killian, Anika and Aspen. Aspen is presented with more confidence and a hardened warrior. Killian goes through the most though as we see him go through grief and regret.

The pacing of the issue was great. My only real gripe is that the issue kind of stops then ends. While there are definitely closure to most plots of the miniseries, this issue just kind of stops at a very powerful moment. Still, the dialogue is strong and the issue felt good.


This issue closed out All New Fathom well.  The dialogue was strong. There was good conversation.  The art was gorgeous. The writing was good.  The only real thing that works against it was that the issue just seemed to stop and not really end.  Still, it was a good read. I give  All New Fathom # 8 a 4 out of 5.