Armor Hunters: Bloodshot # 3 Review


Written by Joe Harris
Art by Trevor Hairsine, Mark Pennington & David Baron
Letters by Dave Sharpe

It’s the final battle between Bloodshot and Malgam in the now deserted M.E.R.O. headquarters. Can Bloodshot put down Malgam or will Malgam finally escape?



Hairsine’s work alongside Pennington’s inks  look gritty and full of detail. That works as it is a nasty, drag on battle between Bloodshot and Malgam. While the more subdued moments look fine (Livewire and Capshaw in The Love Boat), Hairsine and Pennington excel at the actions this issue. There are some decent perspectives and angles Hairsine does that Pennington brings out well.

There are some strong detail with our characters, Baron does his best to make them shine with his colors. Keeping the tones less vivid, Baron allows his colors to bring the best out of Hairsine’s and Pennington’s work.



Harris closes this chapter with a bang. In this final issue, we see more development in the interpersonal relationships with Bloodshot, Livewire and Capshaw. The three really have great chemistry and Harris let’s that shine through.  Bloodshot himself seems to be a bit more playful while in battle while Malgam also get some strong development.  There definitely feels like there is a mutual respect between Bloodshot and Malgam … yet Malgam is really to throw that away to be free. Harris really shines this issue with allowing Bloodshot to do a bit more than he’s ever done before with his nanites and his personality.
We get some great dialogue and interplay between the characters and everything feels very natural. This issue ends at a great pace while setting up the finale in Armor Hunters # 4. Yet, Harris also gets to add a bit more character to Bloodshot that makes him … well, a bit more likable, in my opinion. A great job by Harris.


We got some pretty good art to end out miniseries. The fights were great. The story was solid. And we got some really great character interplay. Overall, a great job by all. I give Armor Hunters: Bloodshot # 3 a solid 4 … out of 5.