Armor Hunters: Harbinger # 3 Review


Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Robert Gill & Romulo Fajardo
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics

We open our the final issue of the Harbinger Armor Hunters tie-in miniseries with bugs … lots and lots of alien bugs. That go in your mouth, lay eggs and pop out. Their purpose. Why, it’s to wipe out Earth of all life if Earth does not surrender to the Armor Hunters. Generation Zero alongside Renegades Faith (Zephyr) and Torque do their best to save people and themselves from the vicious swarm.




Gill does a fairly good job here. There is a good amount of detail to the backgrounds and the characters, definitely making them distinct. The bugs and how the bugs are visualized are downright disgusting. Kudos to Gill to give us a nice blend of sci-fi with our alien bugs. Gill gives us different perspectives panels, allow readers to get a fuller scope of the world and the characters.
Gill also plays with styles as he goes a bit more cartoony for Animalia’s abilities. The action in here is solid, showing some good work. Emotion is well displayed by their facial expressions. Gill does a great job over all. I only gripe is that with some pictures, it does seem like the closer you are to some of the characters, a few have eyes that are too large for their faces. Yet, that only happens a few times, and Gill still does capture the mood and essence of the story with his art. Fajardo just makes it all jump out with his stellar coloring job. Gill’s work looks and feels vibrant … and disgusting depending on the picture … which is exactly what I believe they are going for. A great job by this art team.



Dysart constructs a fine issue. We get a good amount of character development for Generation Zero, getting to learn more of this team. Having Faith and Torque has also been great, showing how the two groups of rebel psiots are very different. Dysart is not afraid to show the ugliness of war with a touch of sci-fi as he used the alien bugs this issue to decimate may people. The mood of the issue was about the team surviving and … eventually deciding to fight and win in order to survive. Cronus makes some hard decisions this issue, but he makes a great leader in his own right. We got to learn more of Generation Zero as they felt more real: The Telic, Animalia,Cloud,Titan, etc. All these characters got a chance to shine or get focus this issue.

The character interplay was very strong. I even liked the fact that Dysart gave development to the man who is acting President of Mexico this issue because a soldier believed in him. My only gripe with the writing is that I felt that last page would have felt a bit more fulfilling if it lasted just another page. Yet, comics can only have so many pages.


We got a lot of strong character development, action and closure to this Armor Hunters tie-in. We got to know a bit more about Generation Zero and look forward to seeing more. Finding their way in this mess definitely made for a compelling story. The art was strong this issue and it was a great conclusion to the miniseries.  I give Armor Hunters: Harbinger # 3 a 4 … out of 5.