All New Soulfire # 7 Review

Written by J.T. Krul & Frank Mastromauro
Art by V.Ken Marion, Mark Roslan, John Ereck, Erick Arciniega and Valentina Pinto
Letters by Josh Reed
Aspen Comics

Main plot comes to head as Alori and PJ meet out in the battlefield after Malikai and Sonia return.  Mal and Grace share a heart to heart about their situations before PJ and Alori’s fight. Yet, once the battle begins, Abel  makes his move and PJ gets heartbroken.



This art is as gorgeous as always. Marion and the rest of the art team do a spectacular job this issue of really bringing the world and characters to life. There was a good sense of emotion conveyed between Mal and Grace this issue that Marion and the art team hit with just the right amount of expression and body language. The battle this issue was rendered well, with a great amount of detail to the characters … and Abel’s new dragon.
The backgrounds were more abundant this issue, allowing readers to get a better scope of this world. Marion, Roslan and Ereck give us plenty of detail, allowing every character to look and feel different. Arciniega and Pinto bring their A-game with some great color and shadow to bring out the best of Marion’s art. This techno-mystical world really felt more authentic this issue, thanks to the art team showing us many different facets and details of it with the characters. This issue was beautiful from beginning to end.

Krul fills this issue with a good amount of character development, emotional moments and brings the main plot to light. We get great character bits from PJ, Alori, Benoist, Malaikai and Grace this issue; showing how this series’ events have affected each of them. I love the particular bit between Mal and Grace, showing Grace is healing from the events of the last miniseries and more since starting her relationship with Vanyss. Yet, the main plot took center stage as Abel was back, bringing more help. And I applaud Krul for portraying PJ’s utter disbelief at Alori’s betrayal this issue. The emotional impact it has on PJ was well done, holding plenty of weight. Readers have known she was  a traitor for sometime, but PJ did not; thus, we got plenty of very powerful reactions that felt natural.

The overall pacing of the issue was perfect as we got just the right amount of characterization and action to live up to the storyline and balance the issue by itself. The dialogue was some of Krul’s best this issue. I am fully looking forward to what will come in the finale, thanks to Krul’s zinger at the end of the issue.


The issue was just great. We got good plot advancement, strong character development and some very powerful moments, visually and emotionally, this issue. Things were tying together naturally this issue. The character interplay really stands out as everyone felt a bit more real. And I am sincerely happy with the results of the battle at the end of the issue setting up the finale. The art was just superb. I give All New Soulfire # 7 a 5 …. Out of 5.