The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage #1

Written by Jen Van Meter
Art by Robert De la Torre & David Baron
Valiant Comics


We are reintroduced to Shan Fong, also know as Doctor Mirage. Shan’s agent booked her a meeting with a bunch of widows … which hits close to home, being a widow herself. After being pissed about that job, her agent sends to meet an older man that seems to have a physical connection to the occult. As a mystery begins, Shan prepares herself for what’s to come.


Del la Torre does a great job of presenting the supernatural. In this book, De La Torre brightens his art a little more, which helps with the mood and atmosphere of the book. Shadowman was very dark while this opened with a lighter moment that was captured perfectly. The looks of hope really help suck you in as De La Torre and Baron render some heart capturing moments. There are some great perspectives in the issue, with backgrounds a plenty.

While Shadowman was more horror, this book seems to be more mystery and supernatural, allowing Del La Torre to go a little lighter with his work.  And while there are a few scene with faces perspectives not that greatest, De la Torre does a good job with proportions, objects and more. Baron’s colors are just the right blend of light and dark to really capture the supernatural and mysterious mood of the title and story. Really solid job by the art team.

Van Meter does a great job sucking readers in with this first issue. Van Meter presents a very honest and multifaceted lead with Shan Fong.  This Doctor Mirage is not playing around. Her gifts are real and she makes no promises, which I found very refreshing with this heroine. She knows who she is. She knows how she will deal with things.

Van Meter already tugs at the heart strings of readers and of Shan with the first job this issue, dealing with the widows. There was a dark sense of irony, talking to all those women’s deceased loves while not being able to get to her own.  The main story of the arc kicks up after that, allowing both professional and personal problems for our heroine.

The issue was paced extremely well. From the opening scene to Shan talking with her agent to her meeting with March and the mystical creature, Van Meter lets everything flow so well. The dialogue is very powerful to boot; Shan’s tongue is very powerful and sharp. It really makes Shan stand out. A great job by Van Meter.



The art was solid with good detail and color to match the mood and feel of the title. The writing was exsquisite, allowing readers to see multiple dimensions of the lead character, allowed set up for the main story and flowed between scene to scene flawlessly.  I give the Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 1 a 4 … out of 5.