Straight Forward Reviews : X-O Manowar # 28

The Armor Hunters story continues on with the backstory of the Hunters themselves in the latest X-O Manowar.

XO_028_COVER_BERNARDWriter – Robert Venditti

Artist – Diego Bernard

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


A  short spoiler free summary The story continues with the titular taking a break from the series as it focuses on the Armor Hunters backstory and their first hunts for the armors.

The writing is solid but the characters didn’t feel like they had as much depth as Aric or the other characters from the main story. However saying they aren’t as in depth is not an insult because I felt as a reader I w


as still emotionally invested into the characters and even see them in a new light from the other books that are tied into Armor Hunters.

The Armor Hunters are seen as sympathetic in this issue even when they’re killing whole planets because they show the inhabitants of the planet are infected and can’t really be helped. So it seems almost like they are saving the people.

There’s also parts of the comic which hint at the origins of the armor and that gives a nice hook to want to continue reading future issues.


The art in this issue is very nicely detailed and has the right amount of grittiness to it for the type of violent action occurring in this book. The color work is also a nice balance between very dark and bright and colorful. It gives just the right mood to Diego Bernard’s line art.


This comic has plenty of enjoyable parts about it but there were some parts that ¬†seemed to bog things down. The story progression was good but the story itself just felt a little generic. Still it’s a mostly enjoyable read so I give X-O Manowar # 28 an 4 out of 5.