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xenoverse_logo_500wHello everyone on TheBrokenInfinite, xaos here. As you may know if you ever spoken with me, I am a huge fan of the Dragon Ball franchise. I’ll watch the series from the original to Z and I’ll even watch GT. However, my love for the series hasn’t stopped me from being critical about the video games.

The annual releases of very similar fighting games that re-tread the story that we already know has given me burnout on the video games. That isn’t to say there weren’t some decent games from the PS2 to the modern era. Super Dragon Ball Z for the PS2 was a decent fighter created by a few of the people who developed Street Fighter 2. There was also the RPG and adventure games that came out on the Nintendo handhelds. But lately there’s been the Sparking/Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast games which felt like an underdeveloped mecha game and that kept going through the same stories. Ultimate Tenkaichi had a little bit of what I wanted but was poorly executed. With mechanics that could less be called a game and more called sheer luck with it’s rock paper scissors styles system.

Unlike some other people I actually didn’t mind that the majority of the games were fighters. It’s based off an anime series where the characters usually fight. If the fighting mechanics were decent like in Super Dragon Ball Z I’d be happy. I do understand wanting a game in a different genre like an RPG. Which there were plenty of in the back in the days of the Famicom and Super Famicom.  With new games only touting things like a transformation for a character that’s never had it before like super saiyan 3 Vegeta. The latest game Battle of Z did have some interesting things about it as it played more like a Gundam game and had a playable Bills and super saiyan god Goku. But it still wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be. A previous game Dragon Ball Z : Ultimate Tenkaichi had my hopes high and then were immediately dashed finding out the story mode was more linear than I thought and that the character creation was extremely limited. In Ultimate Tenkaichi you could only create a male saiyan, and the customization options for hair clothes and the like had a very limited pool to choose from.

Which brings me, finally, to Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The game was announced around the week of E3 and at first I had little to xenoverse_create_char_09 no interest in the game other than it was being made by Dimps. Until I tracked down some screenshots and saw a certain screenshot of a character I’ve never seen before that has red hair and was later announced was someone who helped Trunks guard time. Something that I’ve always wanted to see in a Dragon Ball game was a brand new storyline just for the games and this seemed to do it. Something else I wanted was a character creation mode but after seeing Ultimate Tenkaichi’s implementation I would be ok if the player just had to control that character. But then some days ago the news was revealed that the character was indeed a custom character and some days later it was also revealed that you can create characters of multiple races including human, namekian, and even majin. With that news the child in me got excited. Since what got me to be an artist and a comic book writer was creating my own Dragon Ball fan characters and comics as a child.

xenoverse_custom_typesThe game sounds like a big step in the right direction with giving Dragon Ball fans something new to play since Dragon Ball Z is over 20 years old and Dragon Ball as a franchise is even older most fans if not all already know what the story is and don’t need to keep playing it over and over since at least the PS2 era. If this game plays as well as it looks and gives fans a deep enough character creator this could breathe new life in the fandom. Especially since it is available for the current and last generation and can reach fans who have yet to buy a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One.  As of writing this article there is a beta online test going on for the Japanese PSN. If the news from the test is good then this game should be on the radar for Dragon Ball Z fans and gamers.

This was xaos aka Jeremias de Leon and I want to thank you for reading. I want to thank Kanzenshuu for giving updates about the game, along with everything Dragon Ball related in a timely and well researched manner.

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What are your thoughts on the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

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