Straight Forward Reviews : Bruce Lee Tribute

Bluewater Comics made a tribute to Bruce Lee with this comic about his life. As the resident martial arts enthusiast who comes from a family of martial artists that revere the man, I’m here as the one to review it.

Writer – Chris Canibano

Artist – Joon Han

Publisher – Bluewater Productions
Review by Jeremias de Leon

The story is pretty much what you would expect it to be. A biography of Bruce Lee. 
The comic is set in the sort of distant future where holograms are commonplace. The mayor of San Francisco is welcoming people to a museum built to honor the legendary martial artist. After telling people about the museum and what i’s features are it goes into an account of Bruce Lee’s life and gives some interesting factoids. Which, living in my family of Bruce Lee fans, I can vouch are indeed true.

Instead of a narrative, it’s more like glimpses into his life.


The art is interesting. This will probably be a point of contention as I can see the art being either a hit or miss among people with very few in the middle about it. 

It goes for a photo realistic approach and personally, I actually think it fits since the story is not one of fantasy but about a real man and real accomplishments. 


The comic is solid. There are more typos than I’d like to see. One or two is ok but some of them actually got in the way of understanding whatever was being said. The art is ok and again, for a comic about a real person makes sense.

I give this comic a solid 8 out of 10.