1st Impression: BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS # 18

Written by Christos Gage & Joshua Dysart
Art by Bart Sears, Chriscross, Victor Olazaba, Matt Milla & Allen Passalaqua
Valiant Comics


                We open with Kozov coming face to face with a blast from the past in the title … and some friends. Afterward, Granite runs into Flatline and Genius … in a way she would rather forget. Although, to be fair, the title of Get Some is getting apt.
                As Kozov needs to be rescued, the team ends up tracking down Kozov’s last location in Nigeria. Once they are there, Project: Rising Spirit’s past catches up to it. Z


                To say that the art this issue was impression would be an understatement. Bart Sears has over 25 years of experience in this industry and his work looks better than ever. It is detailed but not overly detailed. Lines are nice and clean. There are great, distinct features with everyone.  Sears really dives back into Valiant hard with some explosive action and strong, emotion captured.
                Chriscross’s art looks a bit less detailed but really works for the flashback portion of the issue. Olazaba does a great job backing up Chriscross. The action was definitely kinetic and captured emotion well.
                Both artists did their best this issue and the work shows it. The colors by Milla and Passalaqua do these artist justice, giving a deeper and rich view of the world that these characters live in. A top notch job by this team.
                Gage and Dysart continue to build a rich, new world for Bloodshot and the other H.A.R.D. Corps. We get some really strong development for Granite, Palmer, Bloodshot, Genius and Flatline this issue.  Our writers do a good job showing us more facets of these characters this issue as well as drive the plot of this new storyline. 
                Gage and Dysart set up the main plot quickly but do a great job of making it personal; having effects on some of our main characters. Gage and Dysart also give us some quality moments of development and even a good laugh at the start of the issue.  The pacing of the issue was just great and, as normal, Gage and Dysart do an outstanding job of giving us the depth of the situation through strong dialogue and great scenes that help reveal motivation or move along the plot in an organic, satisfying way.  Another solid issue by both writers.
                Since Gage and Dysart taken over this book, they have constructed a great title with interesting characters and entertaining plots that hold on to you and don’t let go. Bart Sears gives some of his best work in his career while Chriscross gets a bit more experimental with his art which pays off.

                I give Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps # 18 a 10 … out of 10! Buy it Wednesday!!!