Armor Hunters # 3 Review

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Doug Braithwaite & Laura Martin
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics

This will be a spoiler free review.

The Hounds are being fought all over the world by Unity, with the help of the US and United Kingdom governments. Primary grows weary of the hunt as Col. Capshaw brings out “The Love Boat” as their new weapon against the Armor Hunters. As the heroes begin to reunite, they hatch a plan to bring down the Hunters and save the planet.


                Braithwaite goes in hard this issue with some stunning and detailed panels. Everything from the Hounds at M.E.R.O. headquarters, to the Armor Hunters in their headquarters to Aric making a fateful decision, Braithwaite does it all with style and power that just grips readers.  The action is spectacularly rendered. The emotion is just conveyed so well. This issue has both Braithwaite and Martin shining with exceptional art and colors that give this book an almost cinematic feel.  There are just pages of nothing but beauty, destruction and emotion that are so engaging that it will burn itself into your brain. This is some of the best work Braithwaite has ever done and Martin is a key part as to why it looks so good.


Venditti takes this event into a whole new level this issue. For as personally connected it is to X-O Manowar, we get a great amount of development for the Armor Hunters, Col. Capshaw and Livewire. As they all take center stage this issue, we get to see a different plan unfold. While we see a weary Primary, Capshaw and Livewire make some very crucial decisions in this issue.  Venditti does a great job of allowing the story to move along at a good pace and this issue is no different. With strong dialogue and vivid action, Venditti gives us the set up to the end of Armor Hunters … and possibly the world.  It’s a great penultimate issue to this saga.


The writing was exceptional. The art was exordinary. This issue has so much to offer. The only thing bogging it down are the noticeable points of tie ins … but only slightly. Overall, a great way to begin the end.  I give Armor Hunters # 3 a solid 4 … out of 5.