Straight Forward Reviews : Executive Assistant Assassins # 17

The Blood Origin continues in the latest Executive Assistant Assassins.

Writer – Vince Hernandez

Artist – Jordan Gunderson & Lori Hanson for pages 1 and 5

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Hana and Mayu’s plans are coming together as they find themselves allied with another assassin and a businessman for revenge on the murder of their loved one Li.

We see the details of their plan and some dissension among some allies as their ideologies clash. But they do end up respecting each other. The story also gets into some more background and even some espionage. Which, thinking about it does make sense. We usually just see these women stealthily kill or get into some open fights but they’d have to be really good spies too wouldn’t they?

The dialog really stands out as you see the characters relationships either deepen or get explored. Especially the sisters Hana and Mayu who get their stories fleshed out in flashbacks.


The art from both artists work fantastically for this story. They have this really nice east asian inspiration and the line art looks like it flows so well during the action scenes.

The flashback art have this great sketchy detailed but not detailed look to it. The main art has these details that are there and noticeable but not necessarily pronounced. It’s perfect for feminine characters, which makes sense as this book are all about female leads.


With great and fitting art and a storyline that has a lot of intrigue and decent character interactions, I happened to enjoy this issue quite a bit. I give Executive Assistant Assassins # 17 a 9 out of 10.