Harbinger: Omegas # 1 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and  David Garcia Cruz
Letters by Dave SharpeHarbinger Omegas 01 cover
Valiant Entertainment

Harbinger Omega literally picks up where Harbinger # 25 left off as Harada makes a declaration that he’s pretty much going to do what he’s going to do and has decided he’s above the laws and morality of the world. Meanwhile, we do check in with our Renegades as Faith and Torque are getting interviewed, Kris runs into jail … and it looks like Peter … peter is more troubled than ever.


Dysart starts the newest chapter in the lives of the Renegades with a bang. Harada is no longer hiding or holding back and proves it. Dysart does a lot of character development this issue for the ying and yang of the book … Harada and Peter. They book end the issue with some serious new development that feels like a logical evolution to what has happened in the story. The story itself has been solid with us seeing all of the Renegades …. Yes, including a dead one .. . in the aftermath of Harada declaring war on the world.

The dialogue is stellar as we get some strong words and conversations this issue from Peter, Harada and Kris. While Torque and Faith have a minor cameo, I am definitely happy to see that Dysart isn’t done with Peter or Kris yet.  This set the state for a new beginning and Dysart does it near flawlessly.

Sandoval , Tarragona and Garcia Cruz give some really electric pages in this book. We see so many powerful images in this first issue that it stays with you. Sandoval and Tarragona do not shy away from making the panels jump out more, give detail and really show us some spectacular visuals.  There are some great angles and, particularly some visuals with Peter that really grab you and hold on to you …. Not that Harada and his Psiots destroying military vehicles …. Like jets and subs were not astounding on their own.  The more personal panels of the issue just seemed to have a bit more impact.  Garcia Cruz just breathes all this to life with outstanding color. Solid work from the art time.


The art is fantastic. The story is great. Besides the minor visit from Faith and Torque, this was near flawless. I give Harbinger: Omegas # 1 a 4.5 … out of 5.