Armor Hunters: Harbinger # 1 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Robert Gill & Romulo Fajardo
Valiant Entertainment

This will be a spoiler free review.

Generation Zero, against Cronus’ better judgment, end up in Mexico City after it is destroyed because of the attack from the Armor Hunters. As Cronus has his doubts, his team ends up meeting the UN relief … and Zephyr and Torque. Yet, they are in time as some people are trying to take advantage of what has happened.


Gill does a great job with people and backgrounds. You can see the devastion. You can see a lot of emotion on the page. Everyone is really well detailed and Gill does a good job doing different perspectives.  Particularly,  the interactions between Zephyr and Torque with other members of Generation Zero were quite good. Fajardo does an excellent job with giving the right color to set the mood and tone of the panel work.  The action was vivid and full of energy. The emotional moments hit the right beats visually. It was a spectacular job.


Dysart presents what seems to be a new beginning or intermission to the second act to what he has planned for Harbinger. We get some great character development for Torque, Zephyr and Cronus. Dysart paints us a picture of a very different leader in Cronus. He does not like humanity at all …except for Generation Zero. And he decides that he will listen to his team, to not be like those that controlled them before. Yet, that gives him conflict, with Dysart exploits excellently. The overall plots of the issue were definitely believable and were paced well. The dialogue, as always, was top notch but Dysart blows us away with his narration from Cronus’s point of view.
We get to meet other members of Generation Zero we have not met or seen very little of yet Dysart makes sure that the core of the story is around Zephyr, Torque and Cronus; which works well. It might feel a bit word heavy in the beginning but, overall, it is a solid first issue.


The story was good. The characterizations were excellent. The characters looked great and the action was really amazing. The colors were nice and strong but darkened for the tone of the story. Besides the word heaviness at the start of the comic, Dysart delivers a great first issue. I give Armor Hunters: Harbinger # 1 a 4 out of 5.